Isnin, 17 Oktober 2011

BOSS ME70 Multi Effect FOR SALE !!!

It's one thing to have a sprawling pedalboard with every effect pedal you'd ever need, but if one pedal can give you awesome, versatile tone and portability, look no further than the Boss ME-70. Consolidating over 40 great Boss effects into a single floor-based multi-effects unit, the ME-70 pedal has no confusing menus or displays to sift through—it was designed to be just as easy to use as a collection of stompboxes. Organized into logical groups, these Boss effects are dialed in with dedicated front-panel knobs. All these guitar effects are housed in Boss's distinctive rock-solid, all-metal chassis, and it runs on either AC power or batteries for maximum portability.

For Full Specification Pls Visit Here

*Already Use For 6 Month
*100% Still In Good Conditions & Functioning
*Adapter Not Included

Price : RM850 Including Postage
Market Price : RM1290 Not Including Postage

Kepada Sesiapa Yang Berminat Bolehlah SMS Ataupun Call Terus Ke No. Saya 019-8667514. Terima Kasih!


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